• Online Investment and Financial Planning Advice for Teachers

    Your work hard to put others on the right path...
    ...it's time you work with a financial firm that does the same for you.

    Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Investment Advising Services for Educators

  • Invest Like You Teach!

    You understand the topics you teach. We understand investing and financial planning. Let us teach you the right way to plan and invest for the future.

    Online Investment and Financial Planning Advice for Teachers

    We Care About Teachers & Professors...

    About Our Clients
    Clear Financial Advisors is an independent, Fee-Only fiduciary that works with all working professionals.
    We specialize in custom client relationships and work with clients on their terms. We have nothing to sell, only our advice, experience and knowledge... just like you.
    Online Investment and Financial Planning Advice for Teachers

    ...Because We're Instructors Too

    About Our Founder

    Our firm was founded based on the philosophy that we should teach others how to meet their goals, not try to sell them products.


    Our founder Robert Schmansky has a history of instructing. For over 10 years he has taught undergrad and post-graduate courses in income taxes, economics. He has also taught community college courses and the required classwork for financial professionals wishing to sit for the Certified Financial Planner CFP examination.

  • Academic Backing

    Our investment approach isn't based on gimmicks, gambling, or gurus.
    Which is the opposite of most of your investment options as an educator. 
    Our investing experience is based upon the research of today's top academics, and it doesn't require a crystal ball or trust in an insurance product to succeed.

    A Proven Approach

    We advocate holistic wealth management approaches that incorporate long-term tax and financial planning that have been available to wealthy investors for decades.
    We start with a plan, and meet with our Wealth Management clients on a regular basis to make sure our clients understand how our planning approach incorporates your money into your goals.
  • Our Core Values

    We are proudly independent advisors who work in your interest and have proven our credentials in the market.

    Online Investment and Financial Planning Advice for Teachers


    As a fiduciary, we represent your interests first.
    A fiduciary carries the highest duty by law to another. We welcome that level of care in our client relationships.
    Unlike a licensed financial advisor or your 403(b) provider, we have a duty to tell you what is in your best interest, and not just want may be acceptable or suitable.
    Online Investment and Financial Planning Advice for Teachers


    Over a decade of experience with teachers, and national recognition.
    Our founder has over a decade of work in personal financial planning, and being an adjunct college instructor, knows the concerns and planning opportunities for teachers and professors.
    Our firm has won national awards and recognition, and is frequently quoted by the media for all topics related to investing and financial planning strategies.
  • We work on your terms

    In person and comprehensive, or online and automated, we can help you achieve a successful investment experience.

    Holistic Wealth Manager

    We work with teachers and professors on creating long-term financial plans that incorporate tax planning, financial planning, and holistic management of your finances. 

    Online Advisor

    We've assembled a suite of online services for teachers who would prefer to work entirely online. Visit us at http://clear.investments for more information.
  • Let Us Lead You to Financial Success!

    See our websites for more information on our financial planning, wealth management, and investment advisory services.